For families of those struggling with addictions and committed to recovery:

Recovery is for the family and community as well. Families are persons who interact with each other and mutually influence each other. We are all affected by these disorders and are driven by the hope to rebuild what has been lost.

The statistics are frightening – no community is immune from the destruction caused by substance abuse. No race, no religion, no socio-economic group has any particular resistance to the problem.  Every tool must be used to build a strong network of support, treatment and information if this problem is ever to be solved – and every resource must be intelligently utilized to start bringing about the changes in our government and our society that will set the stage for recovery on local, regional and national levels.

Recovery Coaching focuses on the present and future and is non-clinical, while therapy focuses primarily on the past. In therapy, the concern is how unresolved issues are impacting the present. With Recovery Coaching the question is what can be done today to move clients forward toward their goals and the realization of their personal vision of wellness.

For more information, please click here to download a short PDF flyer.