The NYCB defines a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach as anyone committed to promoting recovery from addiction by recoverees with recovery support services designed to build recovery capital, generating individualized recovery options and assisting recoverees to remove their personal barriers to recovery.

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A Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) is anyone committed to promoting recovery from addiction by connecting recoverees with recovery support services designed to build recovery capital, generate individualized recovery options and assist recoverees to remove barriers to recovery. The CARC role is intended to be non-clinical since it does not involve counseling or treatment interventions; diagnosis and assessment; or other medical, psychiatric or psychological services. The CARC role focuses on the tasks, skills and knowledge required to provide helpful and effective recovery coaching and emphasizes linking recoverees with individualized recovery support services to enhance recovery.


60 hours of training specific to recovery coaching:
•Recovery from Addiction – 20 hours (With at least 4 hours related to Medication Assisted Treatment )

•Recovery Coaching – 20 hours
•Recovery Education – 5 hours
•Ethical Responsibility – 15 hours


First and last days of training are mandatory.

Attendance at all hours of training is mandatory to receive certificates. If you have an approved absence, those hours may be made up during future training sessions if HealthSpan.US is notified of your intention. It is your responsibility to follow up to find out when those sessions are being held by visiting the HealthSpan.US website or Facebook pages.

If you do not want to wait for future trainings to complete your coursework, private trainings can be arranged at a fee of $100 a day.

Certified Recovery Peer Advocate

A Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) is a person who provides outreach, advocacy, mentoring and recovery support services to those seeking or sustaining recovery. For the purpose of certification, a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate is defined as a professional who has demonstrated competence in performing a range of activities as defined in the Recovery Coach Job Task Analysis Report .


•Hold a high school diploma or jurisdictionally certified high school equivalency
•Completed 500 hours of volunteer or paid work experience specific to the PR domains (Recovery from Addiction, Recovery Coaching, Recovery Education and Ethical Responsibility).
•Received 25 hours of supervision specific to the domains. Supervision must be provided by an organization’s documented and qualified supervisory staff per job description.
•Pass the NYCB Peer Advocate Exam

For more information:

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