Legal/Privacy Policy


This Policy applies to all websites operated by HealthSpan.US and all social media sites or accounts utilized officially by the Company (collectively “Resources”) as to all persons lawfully accessing such services, websites or social media sites/accounts. This Policy does not apply to persons who illegally access Resources or who access Resources in violation of the applicable Terms of Service.

Donation or Purchase Transaction Information

If you decide to make a donation to Us or make a purchase from Us of any service or products that we may offer (that support our Mission), then you will have to provide a valid means of payment that may involve providing your credit card number, expiration date and CVV number, billing address, phone number and email address.

Information from Children Under the Age of 13

None of the Company’s Resources are intended for available to children under the age of 13 and We never knowingly solicit or collect any information whatsoever from or about children under the age of 13. If you become aware that your child under the age of 13 has been using the Company’s Resources or has submitted information to Us, please let us know by email at info@HealthSpan.US. If we become aware that a child under the age of 13 has been using our Resources or submitting information to us, We will immediately take all commercially reasonable steps in deleting any information we may have pertaining to that child.

When We Will Disclose Your Information

Law Enforcement Verified Emergency Purposes
We have a policy of cooperating with law enforcement officials if they can provide a verified emergency reason (ie someone’s life is in danger) for needing access to information or data that we could otherwise produce in response to legal process pursuant to the Electronic Communications Protection Act (“ECPA”), Stored Communication Act (“SCA”) or other applicable legal scheme. We will always require that any law enforcement agency requesting data in such a circumstance to provide us with the applicable legal process as soon as possible.

In Response to Appropriate Legal Process
We will product any requested data that is lawfully and properly requested by service of proper legal process (subpoena, administrative order, or search warrant) pursuant to the ECPA, SCA or other applicable legal scheme.

What we Never Do with Information We Collect or Receive
We never sell or lend personal information we collect from or about you to any third-party for commercial purposes. For purposes of this statement, We define “personal information” as information we possess from or about you, that can be readily correlated with you as an individual person. For example, your address, your individual user habits, or your credit card information, would all constitute personal information. In contrast, a geographical count of users residing in a certain geographical area (without providing names), aggregate data about how many users have certain user habits, and how many users purchased a certain service using credit cards, would not be personally identifiable with you individually, and therefore would not constitute personal information.

In the case of credit card information necessary for a purchase transaction, we utilize a third-party payment processor gateway that collects all of your information directly onto their secure servers. None of Our servers or resources keep any of your credit card information at any time.

How we Use Information we Collect or Receive

Personal Information
Your email address, date of birth (unless you choose to publicly share it), phone number or other contact information, and your real name are considered Personal Information. As a default, We do not make your Personal Information publicly visible or available, do not allow other Users to access this information, and do not place this information in any portion of the Resources that are available to be crawled or indexed by search engines. If You choose to provide this Personal Information in your User Profile or in any Listing of your business, then other Users and the general public will have access to this Personal Information and may use it to contact You.

We may contact you via your email address, phone number, or other provided contact information, for customer service or administrative matters. We will only use your email address for commercial solicitation in the manner described below under the Email List section.

We are constantly striving to improve the user experience with the Service, and to enhance the safety and security of users, the Service, and the network resources on which the Service resides. We may use your Personal Information to assist us in making these user experience and safety/security improvements. We may also use your Personal Information as necessary if we need to address or investigate any potential illegal activity on our Resources or other use that violates our Terms and Conditions.

In the course of designing improvements, enhancements or value added products for the Service, we may access or utilize your personal information. From time to time this may include needing to contract with other professionals, including, but not limited to programmers, security professionals, graphic designers, and networking professionals (collectively “Enterprise Partners”) who may be contracted to assist with such product development functions. Such Enterprise Partners may, in the course of product development, need access to your personal information. However, we always ensure that such Enterprise Partners are not only reputable, but are also contractually bound to follow these same privacy polices.

Public Information
All information or data that is not Personal Information (as defined above) is considered Public Information. This includes data and information you voluntarily place in your User Profile and in messages or postings intended to be public (such as comments in open forums or reviews and the like. Public Information is freely available and visible to all Users and may be indexed by and visible via commonly used internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo. We do not manage, moderate or delete Public Information unless they violate Copyright Law, Trademark Law, or violate Terms and Conditions. If you decide to cancel your account, while your User Profile will be deactivated and archived and therefore no longer accessible to other users and the public, it will not be deleted. Furthermore, cached versions of your User Profile may be available throughout the Internet from sources other than servers or networks We operate or use.

Email Lists
We respect the your Email List preferences (and the provisions of the CAN- SPAM Act) and will never send unwanted emails to your email, social media messaging or posting, or any other means.

If You have opted onto our Email List, then we may send you, from time to time, Communications pertaining to our operations and Mission including, but not limited to, periodic newsletters, information about opportunities to support our Mission, information and news related to our Mission, and information pertaining to third party partners that are allied with our Mission.

If you decide to unsubscribe from our Email List, we will remove you from our Email List promptly and will not send any further communications to you unless it is related to an administrative or legal function separate from communications we regularly send to members of the Email List.

For purposes of the Can SPAM Act, our physical address is:


56 Bellecrest Avenue
East Northport, NY  11731

Please contact us immediately by email at info@HealthSpan.US if you believe that you have either received unwanted communications from us or if you have tried, and have been unable to unsubscribe from our Email List.

Aggregate Data
We reserve the right to use Aggregate Data for any legitimate business purpose including business functions that involve sharing such data with other companies, individuals, or organizations. For purposes of this section, Aggregate Data is defined as an aggregate compilation of data in an overall, statistical report, detailing actions, characteristics, demographics, or other useful information over a given period of time when the compilation makes no references to individual users and cannot reasonably, even by correlating with other data sources, be used to identify individual users or track their habits.

Residual Data
Individual User Data that You provide Us or utilize for a credit card based donation or purchase transaction is subject to redundant backups and caches utilized based on the business practices of third-party services to which We subscribe. Even after your donation or purchase transaction, request to unsubscribe from Our Email List, or other actions You may take to request that your Individual User Data be deleted, such redundant backups or caches may still retain your Individual User Data outside of Our control.

Reports of Privacy Concerns
We take your privacy concerns very seriously. If you have questions about the policy or a concern about your privacy, or the application of this Privacy Policy, please contact info@HealthSpan.US and We will address your concern immediately.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
From time to time we may need to change this Privacy Policy. If this Privacy Policy is so changed, then visitors to Our Resources will be prominently notified of this change and if You are subscribed to Our Email List We also may utilize that means of communication to notify You of the change. Thereafter You will need to agree to the new Privacy Policy in order to access any of Our Resources. If you choose not to accept the new Privacy Policy, then you will no longer be able to access Our Resources.